The Absolute Best Bathroom Renovation Service In Brisbane

The Best Bathroom Renovation Service In Brisbane

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Bathroom Tiling

Bathroom Tiling

We are proud to say Bathrooms and Beyond remain the most advanced bathroom tiling company in Brisbane. With qualified and experienced staff, our commitment is to ensure your existing bathroom floor and wall tiles are upgraded or repaired beyond your imagination or expectation.

We have been in the business long enough to know how not to proceed with any repair or installation work without first carrying out an assessment. We start all our projects by carrying our assessment or on-site inspection, and going through your to-do lists to ensure everything is intact.

We use certified tools to take measurements and ensure the tiles will be level when the job is done. We ensure the project is carried out by the same team from start to finish to ensure uniformity and consistency. We allocate ample time to make sure the bathroom tiling process is complete within the set time and to avoid any inconveniences.

Bit-By-Bit Tiling Process

After you have been made to go through the details as presented by our experts, the final decision will be up to you. We start by preparing the bathroom floor and walls before the installation of the new tiles. Preparation could take the form of demolition and removal of existing tiles, plastering, boarding, waterproofing and levelling of floors.

In order to ensure high quality of jobs, we use tools that have been certified to take measurements. We ensure that only staff who started work on the project stay to complete it; this is to maintain consistency. To ensure the bathroom tiling job is completed on schedule, we allocate enough time.

Customized Work

Having been in the bathroom business for so many years, we will provide you with customized tiling services no matter your taste and choice of tiles. It doesn’t really matter whether you are searching for traditional stone tiling or contemporary marble tiles; we are the custom and specialized tiling company to handle your work. Just give us your specifications, and let us do the job for you. From porcelain to glass tiles, we have experienced team to take care of all your needs.

Professional Advice

If you are not sure what kind of tiles to use for your bathroom; then you can count on us because we also offer professional advice to all our customers. We have a team of experienced professionals to give you tips on the number of tiles you need for your bathroom, adhesives, sealant, and information on how to care for and maintain your bathroom. We also extend our professional advice to areas like installation of wet rooms and under floor heating.

We will help you solve all your bathroom needs, and ensure you never exceed your budget. We take the worries off your shoulder by ensuring that we not only do quality job; but also complete it in record.

To ensure you have peace of mind, all our equipment are of the highest standard. Our tiling methods are up-to-date; and we never hesitate to add new features as technology continue to advance.