The Absolute Best Bathroom Renovation Service In Brisbane

The Best Bathroom Renovation Service In Brisbane

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Bathroom Shower Screens

Bathroom Shower Screens

A bathroom is a place in a house where one can unwind and relax. Most of us spend moments alone or with your partner in the bathroom to reflect on the day ahead and/or the day that passed. We may also have our little ones or not so little ones using the bathroom for its main function, which speaks volume of how important it is for this area to be uncluttered, functional, comfortable and attractive.  To make this a reality, Bathrooms and Beyond have a variety of products and services to offer our clients.

What kinds of bathroom shower screen do we offer?

At Bathrooms and Beyond, we offer different kinds of bathroom shower screens including the following:


Are you looking for the ultimate in luxury, style and design? Are you also looking to give your bathroom an amazingly seamless look? Then what you need is the uncluttered frameless screens. This is the ultimate when it comes to providing artistic charm to any bathroom décor. They are quite easy when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. We are the best when it comes to providing standard or customized range of hardware. Our commitment to quality supplies and fixing cannot be compromised.
A custom frameless shower screen can be expensive so we not only supply and fit custom frameless screens but we will also fit a prefabricated frameless screen that you purchase to your bathroom.
Please note that whilst these frameless screens are the most aesthetically pleasing, they don’t contain the water from the shower recess as efficiently as a framed shower screen.

Semi Frameless

Semi frameless screens are designed in a way to prevent leakage of water from the shower unit whilst still giving a stream-line and open feel to the bathroom.
This style shower screen looks quite refined with only a frame around the outside of the screen with the door being frameless. They are also more practical and contain water more efficiently than a frameless shower screen.


These types of screens are designed to provide form and structure to anchor the shower in compact bathroom space. This style shower screen is the most cost effective and practical whilst still look fantastic. The frame is available in many colours and metallic finishes balancing the décor and interior of all styles of bathrooms. We also provide you with an opportunity to customize a framed bathroom shower screen with a pivot for ease of cleaning and less moving parts or sliding door to save space in your bathroom.

Please visit our good friends at for an extencive list of styles and photo examples of shower screens.

What makes us the number one when it comes to bathroom services?

You can now stop your exhausting and stressful search for a first class bathroom renovation company because Bathrooms and Beyond is exactly that!! Some of the reasons why we remain the best in the industry include the following:

  • We are a team of highly trained and experienced professionals
  • We use very few contractors so that you’re home isn’t swamped by strangers.
  • We use nothing but the best systems and products that exceed the Australian Standards for all your installations.
  • You automatically receive the correct industry warranty on your new bathroom and all of our and installations.
  • All of our bathrooms are highly customized to your lifestyle to provide you with the best result.